A Voice for Rural Oregon

Our aim: to create a stronger connection between urban and rural Oregonians.

 The Other Oregon is a quarterly magazine and monthly e-newsletter to address, from a rural perspective, the issues, values, culture and lifestyle uniquely important to rural Oregon. Content will focus on key areas, such as health care, economic development, water, workforce, transportation and education, along with impacts from federal and state legislation and the urban-rural interface.

The magazine will also celebrate rural life by covering rural culture and the people that uniquely define the non-urban side of Oregon. TOO magazine will be distributed free of charge to key decision makers in state and federal government, economic development groups, chamber boards, and other recipients suggested by our steering committee.

The Other Oregon Cover


TOO magazine is distributed in print by mail to 5,000 key decision makers in Oregon each quarter:
  • Oregon’s U.S. Congressional delegation
  • State legislators and heads of state agencies
  • County commissions and judges
  • Mayors and city managers
  • Leaders of chambers and economic development groups
  • Major foundations
  • Heads of colleges and universities
  • Media organizations
  • Leaders of large businesses in metro areas
  • Others by request

Steering Committee

To help shape our coverage and defray our distribution expenses, we have asked a select group of rural Oregon entities to join our steering committee, based on their ability to provide a unique perspective on rural Oregon issues. The committee as a whole will represent a wide-ranging, diverse group that can help generate content and advocate for rural Oregon.